Country Music-Loving Pup from South Carolina Becomes World's Oldest Living Dog

Meet Pebbles!

Pebbles Certificate

TobyKeith's reign as the world's oldest living dog was short, but sweet. Two weeks ago—just over a month after the Florida chihuahua took home the title—Guinness World Records crowned a new oldest pooch, whose age exceeds TobyKeith's by nearly a year.

At 22 years and 50 days old, Pebbles, a toy fox terrier from Taylors, South Carolina, officially achieved the title of world's oldest dog on May 17, 2022.

Owners Bobby and Julie Gregory said they were inspired to apply on Pebbles' behalf after hearing about TobyKeith.

"Bobby was sitting on the couch and friends and family started texting and calling about a story they saw about a 21-year-old dog getting the record," Julie said in a statement.

Pebbles was born on March 28, 2000. Her family describes her as calm and loving with a penchant for snuggles and staying up past her bedtime. She spends her days listening to country music and sleeping in until 5 p.m.

"Pebbles is like a wild teen who loves to sleep during the day and is up all night," Julie said. "She loves listening to country music while she is sleeping. Her two favorite country singers are Conway Twitty and Dwight Yoakam."

The pint-sized pup became a widow in 2017 after the death of her 16-year-old "husband" Rocky, also a Toy Fox Terrier. According to Guinness, they had 24 puppies together across three different litters.

Pebbles Oldest Dog

Despite some typical signs of aging, Pebbles is still in excellent health.

"Treat them like family because they are," Julie recommended. "Give them a happy positive environment as much as possible, good clean food and proper healthcare."

The family couldn't be happier to see their pup get the recogniction she deserves.

"We are truly honored," Julie said in a statement. "Pebbles has been with us through everything; ups and downs, good times and bad, and she has always been the beacon of our lives."

Congratulations, Pebbles!

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