PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier Backpack

This Hilarious Front-Facing Doggie Backpack Is the Best Gift Ever for Your Furry Friend

No pet left behind...at home.
By Kaitlyn Yarborough
August 12, 2021
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When I began noticing it, I was walking on a trail near a big park. Over the course of a few weeks, I'd seen no less than a dozen. Dogs being carried around in backpacks, but the kind that faces the front. Like a canine Baby Bjorn. I'd make direct eye contact with the various patrons, their tongues hanging languidly out of the corner of their mouths, no cares in the world, as I hustled on foot. What a life.

While every front-facing dog carrier that I saw wasn't necessarily the same one, there did seem to be a theme. Many were made from outdoor-friendly, water-resistant material and weren't too bulky to make the person tasked with carrying the lucky pup feel like a freight train coming down the way. There were small and medium-sized dogs alike — my favorite of which was a chunky pug I made acquaintance with at the farmers' market — as well as lots of puppies that would eventually turn into big Labrador retrievers or Goldendoodles. All of these good boys and good girls were living the life. I swear I even saw some drool-tinged smiles. 

All of this to say, any pet owner should consider buying a front-facing doggie backpack. It makes it easy to bring your pet on an outing where there will be too many people to have him or her on a leash, and it can be extra helpful for older or handicapped pets that can't get around quite as well as they used to be able to. You get more mobility (and free hands) by strapping your pet on yourself rather than bringing a handheld carrier, and you're able to keep your eye on your pet at all times to ensure his or her comfort and safety, as opposed to one that goes on your backside. And though I didn't see any cats being paraded around, I wouldn't imagine there would be an issue using the same carrier for other appropriately sized pets. 

It might even encourage you to bring your pet on more activities, instead of having to leave them behind when it seems like a leash will be too much of a hindrance. From the looks of the faces of the pups I've seen, it's a huge hit. I'd imagine it might just take a little getting used to it for some more excitable pups. If you're interested in giving the front-facing pet backpack a try, shop the best-selling PoochPouch below. 

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PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier Backpack
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PoochPouch Dog Front Carrier Backpack
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