It's not unusual for a teen to bring their best friend to prom, but most of the time those friends don't have four legs, a tail, and a love of kibble.


That didn't stop Brenda Cross from deciding to bring her 7-year old rescue dachshund, Sasha, to prom with her. "She's like my best friend," the 18-year teen told Buzzfeed. "I do everything with her." To make sure that Sasha was dressed appropriately for the occasion, the high school senior from Florida decided that she needed to make some prom-ready formal wear for her wiener dog. She pieced together an outfit with a hot glue gun and leftover scraps from her own prom dress. Sasha was reportedly a very good girl during the fittings. "I had to keep taking it on and off of her," Cross told Buzzfeed. "She was really obedient." Soon Cross had created a black satin off-the-shoulder prom dress embellished with yellow roses that left plenty of room for tail wagging. The results are as hilarious and adorable as you would expect.

When it was finally prom night, Cross and Sasha patiently posed for pictures and they even let Cross's human date, Rodney Sesler, get in on the fun. In fact, he demanded that he and Sasha have their own photo session, too, and Cross graciously stepped out of the frame. While Cross couldn't bring Sasha to her actual prom, because humans and their silly rules, it was undoubtedly a night that Cross, Sesler, and Sasha will remember (until there's a new dog treat, of course).