This pup is in the doghouse—a chic, wag-worthy.

Man's best friend deserves the very best, right? That's certainly true for David Maceo, of Tampa, Florida, who has gone all out to make sure his French bulldog relaxes in style. The doting owner has caused quite a stir online for the special room he constructed for his 6-year-old French bulldog, Hennessy.

As you can see in the photos shared by Maceo's younger brother, Algenis Maceo, Hennessy's tiny bedroom is located underneath the stairs, and the walls are adorned with framed pictures of their family and his furry, tail-wagging brother, Patron, who died a year ago.

Before Maceo took ownership of Hennessy, he actually belonged to Maceo's brother-in-law. However, due to Hennessy's heart murmur, the brother-in-law decided not to take him along when he moved, mostly out of fear that Hennessy wouldn't live long enough to make the trip. But Hennessy somehow overcame his health complications, and has been living in the lap of luxury with the Maceos ever since.

"He was only supposed to last two years," Maceo said. "He was the runt of the litter. It's been 6 years and he's hyper as can be. He's very obedient."

As far as how Hennessy is adapting to his new cozy suite, Maceo said he never wants to leave.

"He's in there right now," Maceo said. "He stays in there and doesn't come out."

We don't blame the well-loved pet, considering he's surrounded by photos of loved ones, a motion-sensor light, and baseboard moldings to match the rest of the house. It was just this careful attention to detail that caused the story and photos of the bedroom to go viral. To date, the tweeted photos have received more than 350,000 likes and 125,000 retweets.

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The family is already busy prepping Hennessy's lounging spot for the holidays. Here's to hoping we get to see a decorated tree and some festive Christmas stockings hanging on the walls soon.