Firefighters Rescue Dog That Fell into the Bay at Miami Beach

The fire department made quick work of this rescue and reunite mission.

Black Dog About to Drown
Photo: Getty Images / photographereddie

In this week's feel-good story, a local fire department came to the rescue when a dog fell into the bay at Miami Beach on Tuesday.

The Miami Beach Fire Department shared a video of the heartwarming rescue on their Facebook page. According to their post, a woman was playing with her dog at a dog park in Miami Beach when the pup got too close to the edge and fell into the water. Fire Rescue Truck 22 and Engine 2 responded to the call and together firefighters Santis and Escudero were able to save the panicked pup.

"We're so happy to have been able to help" the department wrote in their Facebook post.

In the video, a firefighter climbs down a roof ladder into the thigh-deep water and spots the dog struggling to keep her head above water while doggy paddling. He grabs ahold of the dog's harness and guides her back to the ladder before hoisting her over his shoulder. A second firefighter climbs down to steady the ladder, as the first firefighter uses one arm to safely bring the dog back up the ladder and onto dry land.

Once they're at the top, a third firefighter grabs the pup and places her on the ground to be reunited with her owner, who you can hear saying "I'm sorry guys," before directing her pooch to say "thank you" to the firefighters for saving her.

And how does the pup respond? With a big shake, spraying everyone around with water, and plenty of tail wagging.

We're happy to see the pup is in good spirits after her scare!

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