Little Dog Rescued After 3 Weeks Outside A Dollar General In Houston

“It broke my heart when I heard he’d been around for three weeks already.”

Robbie Dollar General Rescue
Photo: Kristin Erwin

A sweet little dog named Robbie is on his way to his forever home after weeks spent waiting for someone to notice him outside a Houston Dollar General.

Kristin Erwin told The Dodo that she had a feeling Robbie needed help the minute she spotted him beneath a plastic chair near the store entrance last month.

"I thought he was the cutest thing, with chubby little legs," Erwin told the outlet. "It broke my heart when I heard he'd been around for three weeks already."

Erwin, who regularly assists with dog rescues, asked an employee if she knew anything about the pup. The clerk said that someone was coming back for him, but Erwin wasn't so sure. She left her number just in case they didn't come back to claim him.

That night Erwin received a text she was expecting: Robbie's owners hadn't come after all, and he needed help.

"It was already getting dark, but I raced over to the Dollar General immediately," Erwin told The Dodo.

With help from the clerk and some treats, she eventually got the scared little pup into her car.

After letting him decompress in the safety of her home, Erwin contacted Lola's Lucky Day, a local dog rescue that transports adoptable dogs to Wisconsin. Robbie has since been moved to a caring foster home and is awaiting his forever home up north.

"They always find my babies the very best homes when they're ready!" Erwin wrote on Instagram.

Good luck, Robbie!

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