Now they're both looking for forever homes.

Dogs snuggling on grass.
| Credit: Jessica Trinh / Getty Images

Never underestimate a dog's loyalty—just ask Leslie Ysuhuaylas.

Ysuhuaylas was doing a routine check of a common dumping spot for unwanted pets when she came across a heart-breaking sight. Just south of Dallas, Texas, Ysuhuaylas found a dog on the brink of death, curled up in a small box full of towels she previously left there. At 20 degrees, it was an unusually cold day, and the pup was barely moving. With a swollen head and a deep gash to one of his legs, Ysuhuaylas says it was clear the poor dog had lost the will to live.

"I realized he could barely move his body. All he did was raise his head a little. He had completely given up," Ysuhuaylas told The Dodo.

Ysuhuaylas and the other members of The Underdog Project recognized the young dog (now known as Benny) as a stray they had been seeing on the streets for weeks. They managed to get a slip lead on the two-year-old Sharpei mix and carry him to the car and rushed him to a local vet.

Meanwhile, Ysuhuaylas couldn't help but notice they were being watched. Nearby, a roughly 1-year-old chocolate Labrador—now known as Betty—"watched everything from afar, not leaving the area, just staring at her friend," Ysuhuaylas said. The rescuers went back and were able to get Betty into the car just 20 minutes after rushing Benny to the emergency vet.

Ysuhuaylas reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock in New York City with a desperate plea for help. Not only did they agree to take on Benny, they agreed to help Betty as well. "We don't leave dogs behind, ever," Stacey Silverstein, cofounder of Rescue Dogs Rock, told The Dodo.

Now, when they're healthy enough to travel, both dogs will head up to New York in search of their forever homes. You can donate to Benny's care on Rescue Dogs Rock's website and keep tabs on both dogs as they recover on Facebook and Instagram.