Keep playtime safe in the sand and surf.

Make It A Doggy Beach Day
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As we're approaching the dog days of summer why not take your usual dog walks beachside? There's nothing dogs love more than digging their paws in the sand and galivanting in the water. Dogs hold the title as man's best friend, but they also make a great beach companion. Bringing your dog to the beach with you is a great way to enjoy the wonderful outdoors while also getting some Vitamin-D. Even if your dog is scared of the sea, the beach is a relaxing change of pace from the usual dog parks. It's a great place to take long strolls, while also keeping your dog's paws cool from the sea. Before hitting the beach with your furry pet, always make sure to pack a leash and extra doggy bags to ensure a clean environment. For the best paws-ible time, check out these helpful tips on our seaside edition of pet etiquette.

Do Your Research

Before heading out, confirm that the beach you're planning to visit allows dogs, and brush up on its leash policy. Much like dog parks, beaches aren't the best places for pets who don't socialize well or know basic commands such as sit, stay, and come. Be sure to check the warning flags, or talk with a lifeguard about the water conditions.

Pack The Essentials

Ingesting too much salt water can make dogs sick, so have plenty of fresh water available. Because hot sand can burn the pads of their paws, spread out a towel or mat. Avoid overheating by setting up an umbrella. Even though they are covered in fur, pets can get sunburned (especially those with short, light fur). Protect them by applying a dog- friendly sunscreen.

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After Beach Protocol

After your fun beach day make sure to check your dog's paws for burns or sores. If it appears that they have any wounds from the heat, make sure to take a trip to the veterinarian to have them checked out. To avoid matted fur, rinse your dog in fresh water to get out all the sand and saltwater. For an easy dry, just roll the windows down on your drive home and let them enjoy the wind in their fur.