Here's how you and your dog can live in an itty-bitty place.

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Dog Sitting on Couch
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Dog-lovers rejoice! There's no reason your small living style should keep you from finding the perfect furry friend to welcome you home every day with a shake of the tail and slobbery kisses and hang with you on the weekends. When it comes to having a dog and living in a small space, there are some tips to make sure you and your four-legged companion pass with flying colors. Check out our best advice on how to make it work.

Choose the Right Breed

Don't assume that only tiny dogs are best for tight quarters. Seek out big or small breeds that are friendly to strangers and don't bark too much. Try one of these.

  • English Bulldog: This is one of the calmest, laziest breeds you could ever bring home.
  • Coton De Tulear: Petite, smart, and playful, this hypoallergenic breed is the quintessential lapdog and a great companion.
  • French Bulldog: Famous for their intelligence as well as their sedentary nature, Frenchies make ideal apartment mates.
  • Great Dane: Gangly, loyal, and sweet, these are the original gentle giants.
  • Greyhoumd: Adopt a retired racing greyhound; he will easily adapt to a calmer lifestyle.
  • Havanese: Curious, nimble, and eager to learn new tricks, these small, poodle-like pooches tire out quickly.

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Be a Good Owner and Neighbor

  • Check with your landlord before bringing home a dog.
  • Choose a ground-floor apartment with easy access to the outdoors.
  • Crate train your pup to give him a sense of security and privacy.
  • Plan to eat lunch at home, or get a dog walker to provide bathroom breaks during the day.
  • Register with a doggy daycare or dog walker for times that you can't get home for lunch. This will also improve your pet's social skills.
  • Puppy-proof your place. Check for dangling wires and secure cabinets containing harmful household chemicals.
  • Stock up on chew toys and make a comfy spot near a window to entertain your dog.

Create a Safe Place

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