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You may brush, bathe, and trim your pup's nails yourself, and if you can, consider yourself off the hook easily. But for many dog owners, their breed requires more specialized grooming, like a special cut or clipping, detangling, or shampooing long hair, not to mention nail trims. What do you tip for your dog's salon services?

"The amount you tip your groomer will vary depending on several factors," says Dr. Linda Simon, a veterinary surgeon at FiveBarks, a site for practical advice when it comes to your canine companion.

"This includes your location in the world, how long you have been going to the groomers, and the service provided. A professional groom that takes several hours will inevitably merit a bigger tip than a quick claw clip or facial trim," says Dr. Simon.

Dog Groomer
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What does it cost to visit the groomer?

As with any industry, the best groomers will command higher prices—and therefore, higher tips. The cost for a bath, blow-dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and sometimes anal expression—can average from $30-$90 for the session.

If you add a specialized hair cut or trim to the package, you may pay upwards of $65. "And if you are really happy with the service provided, be sure to let your groomer know by tipping them," says Dr. Simon.

What to consider for tipping

Robyn Michaels, a recently retired groomer in Chicago, says until not that long ago, at least 50% of owners didn't tip. "There is no set amount. Some people with difficult dogs tip nothing. Some, who really appreciate what we do tip up to 50%--especially if they are very particular about how their dog looks, or if the breed is rare, or if they think we're undercharging," says Michaels.

Groomers help dogs look and smell great

Most owners want to see their dog looking their best. However, they also appreciate when a groomer puts their dog at ease and prioritizes their well-being. If your dog seems relaxed and has a wagging tail when you pick them up, this may indicate a good grooming service and a happy pup.

If you aren't happy with the groom, either the service itself or the fact that your dog isn't comfortable there, you may want to discuss your complaint with the groomer or the staff rather than withhold a tip. If the cut isn't exactly right, speak up, or if your dog needs extra attention or comfort, talk with the staff so they can understand what you'd like done differently next time.

On a recent Reddit thread, owners discussed the amount they tipped their groomer. "Most agreed that 10-20% was the standard," says Dr. Simon. Some said they gave their groomers cards and gifts when they had been with them a long time and were moving away, at the holidays, or after their pet had passed on.

Next time you bring your dog into the doggie salon for service, consider tipping your groomer as you would when you get your hair or nails done. They'll appreciate it and your pup may even become one of their favorite canine clients.