Southern pets are like family to us. We come up with very creative names, include our pups on all beach vacations, and make sure that our Christmas photo has at least one shot of Rover in elf ears. But, just as any family member, having a furry friend – be it a dog or cat – comes with a few expenses. If you're a new pet from the shelter, there are some fees that you should anticipate. First of all, most animal shelters have an adoption fee that you will need to pay before taking your fur-ever friend home. Puppies and kittens are generally a little more expensive than older cats and dogs. These fees can range everywhere from $25 to $300, depending on the shelter and the kind of pet that you're adopting. You'll also need to keep in mind spaying or neutering fees. Some shelters include this in their adoption fee, but be sure to ask if this is a separate fee that you'll need to plan for. On average, a spay/neuter fee can be around $200. Some medicals fees may also be covered in the adoption fee – like vaccinations and an overall checkup. Armed with this knowledge from our friends at Coinage, you'll be all set to bring a new member into your household.

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