This year, capture the best photo of your furry friend. 

saraidasilva/Getty Images

It's time to celebrate the season by capturing the perfect snapshot of your favorite furry companion. While not always the easiest task, we're here to help you get it done. Using these tips, your Christmas card will be the cutest one yet!

Get set up.

Because dogs have limited attention spans, ensure that everything is ready before bringing your pet out to pose. Clean your camera lens with microfiber wipes, and scout out the ideal setting. Once you've found it, snap a quick photo of the area to be sure the background is free from any visual distractions.

Master lighting and flattering angles.

Jamie Piper of Cowbelly Photography recommends, "Take the photos outside in natural light during the day to avoid a yellow-green glare from the flash in your pet's eyes." If you must stay indoors, shoot near a window that lets in a lot of natural sunlight. BarkPost suggests taking pictures from different angles, like below or above your dog.

Play before posing.

Shutterfly says a game of catch beforehand will expend some of your pet's energy—and lengthen his modeling attention span. It will give him that happy, tongue-wagging smile as well. Have a few treats and a squeaky toy on hand to keep him focused. Take a quick play break, and start over if necessary.

Download apps for finishing touches.

Take a professional-looking photo on your smartphone with editing and filtering apps such as Snapseed. Also, check out the newest feature from Minted: You can simply text a photo of your dog directly to them, and they will design fiev unique card options around the picture.

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With these handy tips, you'll get your most festive snapshot yet of your four-legged friend. Make sure to send copies to all of your family and friends this holiday season!