40 Southern Chicken Names for Your Favorite Bird

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Yes, chickens are pets too. There's a short video from 1932 of a little girl named Mary O'Connor and her chicken in Savannah, Georgia. You may know her as Flannery O'Connor, and the story is that she trained a chicken to walk backwards as a child. Long before she reached fame for her writing, Flannery O'Connor briefly gained international recognition–thanks to a chicken.

Now, whether she trained that chicken to walk backwards, or the videographer knew some advanced film tricks, it's a charming story about a girl and her chickens—a story many Southerners share. For those of us who did not grow up on farms, or at least not the kind with chickens, these backyard birds were a pastoral icon that existed in petting zoos and children's books. Today, more and more Americans are raising chickens in their own backyards. And as any good Southerner knows, there's value in hard work and knowing where your food comes from.

Whether they're purely pets or your go-to for fresh breakfast eggs, we think this favorite fowl deserves a worthy moniker. What is more Southern than a chicken named Sue? Or Hank? Or Waylon, Willie, and the boys? (Okay, okay we'll stop.) Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite (sometimes cheeky) Southern chicken names, plus a few with a pop-culture reference worth a chuckle. Oh, and one in honor of dear Flannery, of course. Are chickens still not your speed? We've also collected our favorite Southern dog names and some pretty clever Southern cat names.

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Abrahen Lincoln

chicken names 36
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Four score and seven years ago, a stately chicken ruled the roost.

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Audrey Henburn

chicken names 26
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A name for only your most stylish chicken.

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Big Bird

chicken names 35
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The friendliest chicken in the house.

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chicken names
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Good old Billie—save this name for the friendliest chicken on the block.

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chicken names 2
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Because Billie needs a lady friend.

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chicken names 3
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Alternatively, go for Beau if you're feeling particularly inspired by Margaret Mitchell.

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Bradley Coop-er

chicken names 33
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The only prerequisite is that the chicken must be positively dashing.

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Chick-a-las Cage

chicken names 27
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This chicken is sure to be a national treasure.

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chicken names 31
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A name for your sassiest, sultriest chicken, and no less.

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Chick Jagger

chicken names 37
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This is a chicken who has moves.

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chicken names 28
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All we can say is we hope the meat isn't chewy.

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Cluck Kent

chicken names 30
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Superhero chicken? Don't mind if we do.

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Cluck Norris

chicken names 38
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The ideal moniker for the chicken that's always getting into fights.

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chicken names 4
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Don't keep your chickens too cooped up, though.

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chicken names 5
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A fun name for a spring chicken.

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chicken names 6
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Does it get more Southern than this?

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chicken names 7
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Fit for your preening rooster.

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chicken names 8
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Save this one for the dirtiest chicken.

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chicken names 9
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This chicken is possibly old, but not unkind.

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Eggatha Christie

chicken names 39
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For the chicken crafting the novel about the missing eggs.

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Eggdar Allen Poe

chicken names 29
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Alternately, your darker feathered friends could be known as Raven.

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chicken names 10
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We're imagining this chicken is the motherly hen of the house.

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chicken names 11
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A fitting name for the most flaxen chicken of the flock.

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chicken names 12
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Friendly, solid, and rolls nicely off the tongue.

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chicken names 13
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A nice, proper name for your favorite pet.

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Hen Solo

chicken names 34
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This chicken will need a sidekick, and you can name it Millennium.

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chicken names 41
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We're not laughing, you're laughing.

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chicken names 15

Like the capital of Mississippi.

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chicken names 16
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Eggs are the essential ingredient, after all.

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Mother Clucker

chicken names 32
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Let's just say this chicken may have woken up on the wrong side of the hen house.

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Mrs. Clucky

chicken names 17
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For the hen that won't stay quiet.

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chicken names 18
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Should we say...Pâté?

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chicken names 19
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Save this one for your grouchy, touchy chicken.

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chicken names 20
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How fast can you say chicken sandwich?

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chicken names 21
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In color only.

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chicken names 22
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Gone With the Wind fans, this is for you.

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chicken names 23
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The literary types will appreciate the nod to the beloved narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird.

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chicken names 24
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Short and sweet.

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chicken names 25
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Calling this name makes it impossible not to smile.

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Yolko Ono

chicken names 40
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An artistic bird would be deserving of the name…perhaps the one that lays the most colorful eggs.

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