Sounds like a great winter vacation!

| Credit: Adriana O. / Getty Images

Now that winter is here, many northerners are heading south to escape the frigid temperatures. One such traveler? Lazarus from Illinois. But Lazarus isn't like most vacationers. Lazarus is a cat.

The missing grey and white feline traveled more than 700 miles from his home in Illinois to Raleigh, North Carolina, reports Fox 29. He was discovered by local resident Maddie O'Beirne, who found the four-year-old cat rolling around in her front yard.

O'Beirne checked with some of the neighbors, but no one seemed to recognize Lazarus. That's when she decided to take him to a vet, who discovered a microchip linking Lazarus back to the Humane Society of Wayne County, Illinois.

After getting in touch with the cat's owners, O'Beirne fostered the cat until his family was able to drive to Raleigh and pick him up.

The cat's owner, an HVAC technician who lives on a farm and rents out land to hunters, guesses that Lazarus may have accidently gotten into a Raleigh-bound truck. But we're going to stick to our original theory that Lazarus just wanted a little dose of Southern hospitality this holiday season. Can you really blame him?