Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed

My Dog Finally Sleeps Through the Night Thanks to This Calming Dog Bed With Over 35,000 Ratings

She even prefers it over her $100 Tempur-Pedic.
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I distinctly remember picking out the first dog bed for my new puppy. It was the day before my partner and I were going to pick up our rescue, Kali, and we wanted something that made her feel at home. The sales associate assured us that we couldn't go wrong—anything would feel better than her previous sleeping situation, which was outdoors on the ground. He was mistaken. 

It's been three years now, but until recently, Kali spent her nights trying to get comfy under our bed, in our bed—basically anywhere that wasn't her bed. We bought expensive Tempur-Pedic beds, giant bean bag beds, and tented beds, but nothing worked to ease her nighttime anxiety until we received the Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed

Kali loves curling up in the circular-shaped bed that cocoons her from all sides. I think the real appeal is the soft vegan fur: It keeps her warm and cozy throughout the night (we used to tuck her in with a blanket so she wouldn't shiver), and it mimics the feel of another animal, so she never feels like she's sleeping alone. 

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Donut Cat and Dog Bed
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The bed is fairly deep and has raised edges, so Kali can burrow in when she wants to be left alone or prop her head up on the side when she's relaxing with us. She's high energy and requires a lot of exercise, so it was important to find a bed that supported her joints. Kali never appears stiff after sleeping on this bed—an issue she's had with other beds—and wakes up every morning ready to run and play.

The dog bed is available in four sizes for animals up to 150 pounds, but I personally recommend sizing down for anxious pets. Kali, a medium-sized dog at 55 pounds, sleeps in the smallest bed comfortably because she really likes to curl up tightly and nuzzle in at night. If your dog or cat prefers to sprawl, use the size guide to find their perfect fit. You have the option to purchase the bed alone or with a blanket, but Kali personally seems warm enough without the latter. 

While the draw of this dog bed is its calming capabilities, I also love that its neutral gray color fits in with our decor. You can also grab the bed in dark brown, cotton candy pink, or taupe. Plus, the compact bed doesn't overwhelm our tiny apartment. 

If you're living with an anxious dog or cat, over 25,000 five-star reviewers on Amazon and I highly suggest the Calming Donut Pet Bed.