"I think it's a cat world with a lot of dogs in it!"


You may know them as the daughters of President George W. Bush, former residents of the White House, or simply as successful Texans, but you might not be aware of their tremendous love for some very popular pets - cats. That's right. Jenna and Barbara Bush are proud to be self-proclaimed cat people, and the twins have never shied away from their love of felines. In fact, Jenna is convinced that one day, the twins will pack up their belongings and settle down on a farm… surrounded by kittens. Surprisingly, Barbara's pet, Eleanor, is engaged to another famous feline – Javier Seinfeld (Jerry Seinfeld's lovable pet). "They intend to get married later in the year or early next year. We're going to be a family," said Barbara jokingly.

Jenna's rescued cat, Bernadette (who she believes is Beyoncé in animal form), was sent to live in Dallas when Jenna was pregnant with her daughter Mila. Unfortunately, the younger twin is allergic to cats, but that doesn't stop Jenna from thinking her pet is absolutely paw-some! "Now listen, I miss Bernadette every day of my life, but I'm allergic to cats," said Jenna. "Does that make me sound like a bad cat mother?" Of course not, Jenna; no judgments here.

We asked the twins what it feels like to be cat-lovers in a dog world, and Barbara's response was marvelous, "I think it is a cat world with a lot of dogs in it!" Touché, Barbara. Touché. While both sisters have admitted to being overly zealous about their passion for all things cat related, we support their kitten enthusiasm. After all, what's the harm in cuddling up with your favorite furfriend and enjoying a big glass of sweet tea and your favorite Southern film? Absolutely nothing. Right on, sisters!