25 Names For Southern Cats

In the South, the house cat answers to charming Southern names.

Black and White Cat Lounging Outside
Photo: Robbie Caponetto

In the South, the house cats purr a little bit slower and answer to charming Southern names. If you think Southern belles live pampered lives, have you ever thought about how they treat their kitty cats? The answer? Even better than they treat themselves. 

The time has come to ponder the precious existence of Southern house cats. After kittenhood, they can crawl on the tops of lacy iron gates and mossy brick garden walls. When the sun and humidity become too much for them, they shade beneath the canopies of Live Oak groves. Inside, they lounge on crisp chintz-covered love seats by day and cozy velvet-covered chaise lounges at night.

While this exaggerated version of a Southern cat's life might not be accurate, you can imagine your cat lives this life by adorning it with any one of these precious Southern cat names. It's only good Southern manners to give your cat the name it deserves.

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Mother Holding Pet Cat Child Petting Orange Cat
Alena Ozerova/Shutterstock

Named for the flower with the same moniker, Begonia is a beautiful and original name for your furry feline.

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Tabby Cat in Courtyard
Robbie Caponetto

Like the New Orleans delicacy, Beignet is the perfect name for your calico cat.

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Black and White Cat Sleeping on Couch
Robbie Caponetto

Give your kitten a historical flair with the name Bowood, a surname dating back to ancient Anglo-Saxon Britain culture.

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Gray Kitten
Robbie Caponetto

If you know your cat will be the life of the party, what better name for them than Buster?

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Gray and White Cat
John OHagan

Whether named for Julius Ceaser's wife at the time of his assassination or the mother figure in the classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird, Calpurnia is a feminine, honorable, and nurturing name.

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Blacka and White Cat with Tongue
Robbie Caponetto

New Orleans native Truman Capote can inspire your cat's name, especially if you are a Breakfast at Tiffany's fan.

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Orange Cat
Sarah Kerver

Double names are always adorable. Chow-Chow is ideal for your extra-hungry feline who doesn't shy away from extra treats.

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Gray and White Cat
John OHagan

Derived from the Ancient Greek verb kleó, Cleo means "to celebrate," which you'll do upon your new kitten's arrival home.

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Gray Cat with Yellow Eyes
Courtland Richards

Dahlias are symbols of devotion, love, beauty, and dignity, making this a lovely flower name to bestow upon your feline friend.

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Gray Cat Staring
Art Meripol

Eudora translates to "good gift." Remind your kitten of its importance in your life every time it hears its name.

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Orange and White Cat Sitting
Van Chaplin

In Persian, Jasper means "treasure bearer." It's also the name of one of the Three Wise Men in the Bible who bestowed gifts.

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Orange Cat Drinking from Glass
Beth Hontzas

For all the Kentucky Derby fans, Julep is a cute abbreviation of the classic cocktail name, mint julep, famously consumed during the races.

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Gray Fat Cat on Rug
Jennifer Lover

Did you know that Ketchup was originally called catsup? It sounds like a perfect pairing—Especially if you have a second kitty named mustard.

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Gray and White Cat Outside
Van Chaplin

Known as "the vine that ate the South," Kudzu is a creeping and climbing perennial vine, invasive in the southeastern United States. Despite territorial qualities, this vine is a beautiful ornamental plant with sweet-smelling blooms.

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Mr. Whiskers

Light Gray Cat Outside
Art Meripol

For your classy gentlemen feline friend, Mr. Whiskers is the only way to address him if you expect a response.

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Mrs. Kitty

Black and White Cat Lounging Outside
Robbie Caponetto

Mrs. Kitty knows the only house rules that matter are the rules that matter to her.

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Orange and White Cat in Chair
Laurey W. Glenn

Another name for New Orleans, Nola, is an abbreviation for "the big easy" southern city filled with culture, entertainment, and unique cuisines.

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Gray Cat Perched
John OHagan

Pickling is a time-honored Southern tradition. Pickles, particularly sweet ones, are inventive and delicious ways to use this food-preserving technique for classic cuisines.

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Gray and White Cat Sitting
Meg McKinney

Precious—A simple and sweet reminder of what's important in life.

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Orange Cat Looking in Mirror
Sarah Kerver

Scarlett means courage and joy for your ginger-fur tabby and perfectly highlights your favorite feline's fur.

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White Cat Laying Outside
Art Meripol

Shrimpy is a playful moniker for your tiny kitten.

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Gray Cat Lounging in Chair
Art Meripol

Tallulah derives from a Native American origin and means "leaping water." For your extra bouncy cat, this name will match its lively spirit.

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Orange and White Cat Outside
Gary Clark

While tuna might not be a staple of a cat's diet, the imagery of a cat named Tuna is almost too cute to resist.

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Sleeping Gray Cat
Jennifer R. Davick

Turnips symbolize happiness in success and bright futures. Kickstart your new relationship with your cat with a name filled with possibilities.

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Gray Cat with Toys
John OHagan

From German origins, Zelda is a feminine name meaning a strong woman that usually evokes warrior imagery.

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