25 Names for Southern Cats

Black and White Cat Lounging Outside
Photo: Robbie Caponetto

In the South, the house cats purr a little bit slower and answer to charming Southern names. Life in the South is far better for Southern house cats than for Northern felines. If you think that Southern belles live pampered lives filled with limitless shopping, frequent beauty salon visits, fancy iced teas, and catered dinners, have you ever given much thought to how they treat their kitty cats? The answer? Even better than they treat themselves. The time has come to ponder the precious existence of Southern house cats. They are bred in columned sorority houses. After kittenhood, they are free to prowl the tops of lacy iron gates and mossy brick garden walls. When the sun and humidity become too much for them, they shade themselves beneath the canopies of Live Oak groves. Inside, they lounge on crisp chintz covered love seats by day and cozy velvet covered chaise lounges at night. If the urge to scratch overtakes them, they head to the pecky cypress clad walls in the library, but it's paws off on the leather books! Time to play hide and seek, they perch upon a custom chintz curtain pelmet. Their catnip comes served on a fine china salad plate in Mottahedeh's Tobacco Leaf pattern. They lap their organic milk from a matching saucer. Both rest upon a monogrammed Leontine Linens place mat This is the Gone with the Wind fantasy version of a Southern house cat's life. In truth, a house cat from Jackson, Mississippi lives a similar life to a house cat in Topeka, Kansas only with less corn in their diets and more humidity in the air. But, you can latch on to these bygone Southern days with any one of these precious Southern cat names. It just wouldn't be good Southern manners to name a cat Alessandra or Bob.

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Child Holding Cat
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Tabby Cat in Courtyard
Robbie Caponetto
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Black and White Cat Sleeping on Couch
Robbie Caponetto
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Gray Kitten
Robbie Caponetto
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Gray and White Cat Walking Outside
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Blacka and White Cat with Tongue
Robbie Caponetto
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Orange Cat
Sarah Kerver
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Gray and White Cat
John OHagan
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Gray Cat with Yellow Eyes
Courtland Richards
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Gray Cat Staring
Art Meripol
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Orange and White Cat Sitting
Van Chaplin
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Orange Cat Drinking from Glass
Beth Hontzas
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Gray Fat Cat on Rug
Jennifer Lover
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Gray and White Cat Outside
Van Chaplin
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Mr. Whiskers

Light Gray Cat Outside
Art Meripol
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Mrs. Kitty

Black and White Cat Lounging Outside
Robbie Caponetto
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Orange and White Cat in Chair
Laurey W. Glenn
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Gray Cat Perched
John OHagan
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Gray and White Cat Sitting
Meg McKinney
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Orange Cat Looking in Mirror
Sarah Kerver
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White Cat Laying Outside
Art Meripol
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Gray Cat Lounging in Chair
Art Meripol
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Orange and White Cat Outside
Gary Clark
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Sleeping Gray Cat
Jennifer R. Davick
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Gray Cat with Toys
John OHagan
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