Mia does what Mia wants.

A beagle is judged during the first day of the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on February 13, 2017 in New York City.
| Credit: Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Mia the beagle may not have technically won (or come anywhere close to winning) the Masters Agility Championship at the Westminster Dog Show, but in our book, she's still a champion.

In the heat of competition, the young beagle quickly became distracted by throngs of spectators. After just a few seconds the sweet pup seemed forget her countless hours of training and began to act like…well, a dog.

"Don't be a beagle, don't be a beagle," the announcer plead as Mia trotted up to a hurdle and decided she'd rather sniff the turf instead. She regained her composure a few seconds later, and for a while it looked like she was back to being a contender. That all changed, however, when she ducked out of the weave poles and gave her booty a big ol sniff.


As the crowd roared with laughter, the adorable little beagle got back to business again, and wove swiftly through the poles. She cleared a few more jumps as the audience cheered, but then it happened again. Just as she was getting ready to ascend the dog walk obstacle, a sound from the crowd stopped her in her tracks and she whipped her head towards the crowd. Once again, the audience howled with laughter as she proved that Mia does exactly what Mia wants.

"That was a delightfully entertaining run!" one of the announcers chuckled, summing it all up perfectly.

Although there's no chance the sassy lady will take home the award for Best in Show this year, we can all agree she gets top marks for cuteness.

Watch Mia's unforgettable performance here.