The similarities are udderly remarkable!

By Meghan Overdeep
gene Simmons in makeup
Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer/Getty Images

Hey Gene Simmons, we think this calf likes to "rock and roll all night."

One Kerrville, Texas family thought so as well after a cow was born on their ranch last week bearing facial markings eerily similar to the makeup worn by to the legendary KISS frontman. Seriously, even their tongues are the same!

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Heather Taccetta, who lives at the ranch with her family, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the calf belongs to her grandmother, and is named Genie, in honor of Simmons. Taccetta added the calf and its mother are doing fine and that Genie is a family favorite and won't be sold for slaughter.

Even Simmons can't help but marvel at the genetic miracle, and took to Twitter to praise his bovine doppelganger. "This is real, folks!!!" the rocker tweeted alongside a link to an article about Genie.

Somebody get this cow a record deal! Or at least a manager!