Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pads

Using Amazon's Subscribe and Save on Puppy Pads Is the Best Thing I Did for My New Pup–And Me

It saved me time, money, and a whole lot of stress.
By Ariel Scotti
May 18, 2021
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My fiance and I recently welcomed a 10-week-old rescue puppy into our home. We named him Bean, and instantly fell in love with this little boy. He made the sweetest squeaky sounds as he poked around our apartment the day we brought him home, acquainting himself with our bookcases, couch, and area rugs. And then he took one step to the left of the puppy pads we laid out, looked me right in the face, and peed on our floor. 

We consider ourselves to be responsible pet owners and prepared for Bean's arrival by purchasing puppy food, a leash and harness, 16 different toys, some chewing bones, bowls, treats, a crate, bed, and these Amazon Basics Puppy Pads. The pads were especially essential for us since Bean had to wait five weeks for his final round of puppy shots—and permission from our vet—before walking him outside of our Manhattan apartment. So far, the supplies have mostly held up (RIP to the Nylabone he tore through in a week), with the exception of one crucial item. Bean made utter fools out of us for ordering just one package of 150 puppy pads; he made a ton of use out of them by squatting on, near, or nowhere near them every couple of hours. One Saturday afternoon when we found ourselves in the horrible position of running dangerously low on pads, my fiance sprinted to the nearest overpriced pet store and I pulled up the Amazon app. I found the Amazon Basics Puppy Pads I so desperately needed, and clicked the option for a weekly subscribe and save auto delivery.  

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Buy It: $29.99;

I was more than a little bit skeptical that the "built-in attractant" in these pads would entice Bean to do his business on them, but that's exactly what happened. After spending some time pointing out to him where they were and telling him to "go potty" every time he even glanced at the pads, he got up one day, sniffed around, and quickly found his way over to his puppy training pads like a little champion—near the pads became on the pads in no time. Amazon claims that "dogs are drawn to the pad when nature calls, which means faster and more successful potty training for puppies," and I'm a believer. 

The pads are super absorbent, even around the borders, and have saved our hardwood floors and area rugs from accidents. The design includes five layers—a quick-dry surface, a surge layer, a sponge-like core that turns liquid into gel, a locking layer, and a protective plastic lining—that all work together to prevent leaks and spillage, saving me from tons of cleaning. Plus, choosing to try Amazon's subscribe and save option brought our total down to $28.49, and the shipments even arrive a few days early every two weeks. I opted for the most frequent delivery option Amazon has available, but you can select to have yours sent every three, four, five, six, or seven weeks, and then every two months, three months, and so on (up to six months) with the option to cancel at any time. 

If you're welcoming a puppy into your home any time soon, subscribe and save like I did on these puppy training pads and save yourself some money, time, and sanity.