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Alton Brown is kind of a pet magnet. The cooking star's social media has been filled with lost pets that turn to Brown in their time of need. In May, he found a pair of stray kittens at the office, bringing one home to his daughter, and naming it "Stir Fry," clearly an ingenious name for a cat that loves to perch in the chef's wok.

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Brown's clever names aren't just reserved for kittens, though. When a lost Sharpei followed him home earlier this month, Brown took to Instagram to ask his Marietta neighbors to help him reunite the pup with its rightful owners. Since he had to call the dog something while it hung around the office, Brown gave the dog a devastatingly funny name, which he unveiled in another Instagram post—Gordon Ramsay, as in famed chef Gordon Ramsay star of Masterchef, Kitchen Nightmares, and a lot more. "Somebody said I should name him Gordon Ramsay," Brown said, unable to contain his laughter about the homage to his fellow celebrity chef. Brown seemed to think that the name fit, because like Ramsay the dog is "hideously ugly" but "sweet and housebroken." It was clearly all in jest, and we're guessing that the surprisingly soft-hearted Ramsay (have you seen him with the kids on Masterchef Junior?) would think it was pretty darn funny, too.

Luckily, Brown was able to reunite Gordon Ramsay the dog with its owners— and it turns out that the dog's real name was Ollie. That means the name Gordon Ramsay is up for grabs for any other stray dogs that follow him—or you—home.