This is the best thing we've seen in a while.


Alpha Schalk, a junior at Stafford High School in Falmouth, Virginia, is an especially good boy.

When she opened up the school yearbook last week, senior Diana Bloom was shocked to find the cutest photo of Alpha, Andrew 'AJ' Schalk's service dog, peering out at her from one of the pages.

"They put his service dog in the yearbook i'm CRYING," Bloom tweeted alongside a photo of Alpha and AJ side-by-side in the yearbook.

"Seeing a picture of a dog caught my eye pretty quickly," Bloom told BuzzFeed News. "I thought it was so cute, and I knew that some of my underclassmen friends hadn't seen it yet because they didn't have their yearbooks so I took a picture and tweeted it."

Alpha is AJ's diabetic alert dog, which means he has the very important job of notifying him whenever his blood sugar dips too low.

"The amazing thing about Alpha is that he knows 20 to 40 minutes before my blood sugar actually does go low or high due to his amazing sense of smell," he told Buzzfeed.

Alpha has been coming to school with AJ since last year. In that time, AJ says he's become a big part of the school environment. So, when AJ spoke with school administration about including Alpha in the yearbook, they were 100 percent supportive.

"I just brought him with me when I got my yearbook picture taken," Schalk recalled. "The only thing they changed was the camera height. They just had to lower it a little [laughs]."

He went on: "Alpha is really an amazing animal. He makes a disability, such as my diabetes, such a positive experience for me and my life overall, and really turns it into a blessing rather than a negative part of my life."

Alpha, you're a blessing to us, too.