We're clearing our calendars for a rewatch.

By Southern Living
August 22, 2019
Masterpiece PBS

Our love for British period dramas is well documented. From Downton Abbey to The Crown, there's not an elegantly scripted, beautifully costumed series that we won't tune into—and then rewatch again and again. One of our favorites of the past few years has been Victoria, series following the life and reign of England's second-longest-serving monarch, Queen Victoria. The series begins as the royal prepares to become queen; meets and marries her husband, Prince Albert; and embarks on a long rule filled with the successes and challenges she encounters during the period in which she lived.

Season three of the series premiered on Masterpiece on PBS in January 2019, and now it's coming to Amazon Prime Video so that we can watch and rewatch it to our hearts' content. The streaming service also offers the first and second seasons of the series, which are both available to browse now. The video featurette offerings, which you will also be able to access via Amazon Prime Video, include sneak peeks of the production's costume design, the history of the period, and an interview with Daisy Goodwin, the writer and series creator.

Victoria is produced by ITV in the U.K. and Masterpiece in the U.S. It stars Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who, Me Before You) as Queen Victoria and Tom Hughes (Silk, London Town) as Prince Albert. It also features Nell Hudson, Ferdinand Kingsley, Jordan Waller, and Adrian Schiller. It was created by Daisy Goodwin.

You can find season three of Victoria available to watch via Amazon Prime Video from September 3, 2019. Also be sure to check out these surprising facts about Queen Victoria, the subject of the popular series.

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Have you tuned into Victoria yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Will you be catching up on this season when it hits Amazon Prime Video in September?