And feather those bangs.

By Kaitlyn Yarborough
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Roller Skates
Credit: Getty Images/belchonock

We’ve come a long way since doing our best Saturday Night Fever impression at the roller skating rink, bell bottoms flared out something fierce and hair feathered enough to defy the laws of gravity—but you wouldn’t know from the looks of any outdoor park today, four decades later. This year has seen its share of odd hobbies, from picking up needlepoint to growing celery in a cup; and now another vintage pastime is making a big comeback: roller skating.

However instead of the rink, people are taking their skates outdoors to get exercise, relive their childhood, and well, get places faster on foot. Out of all the retro hobbies making their way back en vogue this year, it’s—dare we say—the coolest? Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon have even noticed the wild, wheely trend. Witherspoon took to Instagram below, begging her followers “now who is going to teach me these moves?” *raises hand*

Roller skating is a fun way to keep in shape and spend time enjoying the outdoors, as well as a great opportunity to take up a hobby with a loved one or friend. “Meet me at the park and bring your quads,” has quite the ring to it, actually. (Quads being short for quad skates.) The four-wheel booties require a little time to gain your sea legs; but once you’re rolling smooth and not tripping on the grass, you can make your way to the cement.

If you’re looking to get into roller skating yourself, pick up some retro-inspired quad skates online and get to toe-jamming and snake-walking. If you know, you know. (TO SHOP: starting at $49;

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We’re officially on board with this retro comeback, as long as we can dig out our old bell bottoms and feather our bangs. Just a little—we promise! As John Travolta would say: skate on.