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Otis Campbell
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Ok, maybe Otis is not the most upstanding citizen but he is endearing and we love how he gets under Barney's skin every Saturday night when he comes staggering into the courthouse to "sleep it off." Barney usually describes Otis as smashed, gassed, or just plain drunk. Some of the funniest moments on The Andy Griffith Show come from the squabbles between Barney and Otis - especially when Barney tries to rehabilitate him. Luckily for Otis, Andy is always there to save him from Barney's interrogations. So take a minute or two to unwind with a few belly laughs!

Andy: Well, Otis ain't a bad fella. He's one'a the nicest fellas I know, always willin' to help out a neighbor, generous, and, for his drinkin', we don't lock him up 'cause he's botherin' anybody. It's so's he won't hurt himself. In a way, that drinkin' does a good service for the town. Otis laps it up so fast, the other folks can't get to it.

Otis getting deputized to impress his older brother who's coming to town for a visit…

Barney: Well, what kind of a job can you give to Otis? He's irresponsible; he's careless, he's unreliable.

Andy: I'll make him a deputy.

Otis: Gosh, I been comin' in here a long time, Andy, but I never figured there was chance for advancement.

When both jail cells are full with moonshiners, the only place for Otis to be confined was at Andy's house.

Otis: It will be my pleasure, dear lady, to be incarcerated in your domicile.

Aunt Bee: What was that you said about being a prisoner?
Otis: Oh, I said I'm a prisoner in this house and I expect to be treated like one.
AuntBee: Well, if you're a prisoner, I'm responsible for you, and that makes me the warden.
Otis: Oh, Aunt Bee, don't holler so much, please. I got a head that feels like it was in a drawer all night. Now, will you go away?
Aunt Bee: (dumping a vase of water over his head) Get up, prisoner, and get to work!
Otis: Work?
Aunt Bee: That's right, and you can start with your room! Clean it up!
Otis: Clean? Oh Andy! Where's Andy? I'm a prisoner!

Otis: Andy, you GOTTA get me outta this. She's about to work me to death.
Andy: Aunt Bee?
Otis: Aunt Bee??? Bloody Mary!
Otis: Andy, can we go now? I don't ever wanna see The Rock again.

Barney performed many sobriety tests on Otis before he was released from jail.

Otis: every man needs a hobby.
Barney: But, Otis; you ain't got a hobby!
Otis: I do have a hobby; drinkin'!

Exchanges between Andy and Otis regarding his incarcerations…

Otis:Drunk or sober, I can't tell very much without my glasses.
Andy:well, was you drunk when Deputy Fife arrested you?
Otis: I can't tell. I wasn't wearin' my glasses

Andy: The fine is two dollars or twenty-four hours. Now, what'll it be?
Otis: Andy, you know I always take the twenty-four hours. I wouldn't waste two dollars on somethin' that didn't have a cork in it.

Otis: Now don't forget to wake me up Monday. That's the beginning of National Potato Week and I wanna celebrate.

These days you don't have to traipse into the woods to buy your liquor from the local moonshiner. These days you can buy your ‘shine legally so check out these places across the South to get a taste of that nectar that Otis loved so much.