It's complete with a gorgeous sunroom.

By Betsy Cribb

There's a new house on the block at Ole Miss. Well, it's not quite new. The Tri Delta house on Sorority Row has been there for one hundred years, but a major renovation last year has given the old house a lively new look.

"It started out as a very small lodge and has been added on and added on," says Elizabeth Fisher, who oversaw the most recent renovation and expansion as a member of the chapter's housing corporation. "I think we've finally done the last possible addition."

The new house sleeps 109 of the chapter's some 400 members, but on any given afternoon, you'll find members of all ages scattered throughout the house studying, catching up with friends, or even sneaking a nap on one of the many cozy couches.

Airy pastels and playful patterns cover every surface in the light-filled house, which was decorated by Ole Miss alumna Kappi Craddock, who lived in the Tri Delta house for her junior and senior years.

While there are plenty of highlights and hidden gems woven throughout the house (think small lounges with kitchens on each floor and a light-filled study room with charming, spill-proof banquettes), Fisher's favorite spot is the dining room, which admittedly feels more like a hip restaurant than an institutional dining space.

"The chapter's so big now," she says. "Having smaller tables gives them a little more intimacy at dinner or whenever they're eating, so that they can get to know each other better."

The current residents are pretty pleased with their new digs, too.

"It took away my breath," says chapter president Sally Boswell of the first time she saw the renovated house. "I remember driving by for the first time and getting teary-eyed and thinking, ‘How am I crying about what my sorority house looks like?' But I think it's enabled us to be more hospitable to people outside of Tri Delt, which is really special because we want to be that type of place for everyone on campus."