Southerners love to celebrate traditions, and sororities with generations of smart, strong Southern women are no exception. Sororities are often built from the legacies of the women who came before them, and we honor this heritage. One school that represents the traditions well? The University of Mississippi.

The newly constructed Alpha Phi sorority house at Ole Miss is jaw-dropping, and we took a personal tour through the chaos and spirit of Move-In Day. Construction on this gorgeous Southern mansion began last spring, and it now houses more than 50 members of the sorority. The first floor of the house features a massive dining area with rows of tables, a living room area with couches and a fireplace, and a special spot for hosting important guests – the 1872 Room, dedicated to the year Alpha Phi was founded. In addition to a beautiful new home to share new memories, the chapter also has an incredible chef on board. We chatted with Chapter President Virginia Moore, who said that the first meal to be served in the new house is going to be an “Italian feast”  – count us in! One of the most unique aspects of this incredible sorority house is the artwork. Each piece of artwork in the house features symbols that represent Alpha Phi, like the ivy leaf and lily of the valley. The second and third floors of the new sorority house contain dorm-room style bedrooms. According to Virginia, sisters/roommates in the house usually coordinate their bedding with matching pillows, comforters, and monograms months in advance. Can you imagine spending a night in this charming Southern sorority mansion?

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