The South is full of beautiful and interesting places to explore, and the Zealandia estate is certainly no exception. Located in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, this hidden castle (really!) is a pebbledash-on-brick enclosure modeled after Haddon Hall in England. John Evans Brown built the breathtaking mansion on Beaucatcher Mountain in 1889, and he named it Zealandia in honor of his second home, New Zealand. After John Evans Brown passed away, Sir Phillip S. Henry acquired Zealandia; he doubled the castle in size and filled it with ancient relics. In addition, Sir Phillip hired an artist to paint a mural in the style of a 15th Century Italian painter, Benozzo Gozoli. The mural portrays family members and friends in classical robes posing with hounds, horses, and flowers. In 1950, portions of the original castle were disassembled for economic and safety reasons. And, 26 years later, construction of I-240 abolished part of Beaucatcher Mountain and the estates suffered further. However, a vacation resort business, Zealandia Holding Company, acquired the estate in 2004, and they have a commitment to its restoration and preservation as a National Historic Treasure. The stunning, historically rich Southern castle has been thriving ever since!

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