You may have seen Noah Galloway on Dancing With The Stars – but this Birmingham, Alabama native is much more than just a charming Southern gentleman. Noah Galloway, a former Army soldier, is using his voice and visibility to encourage and inspire others, especially veterans. Noah was motivated to drop out of college and join the army soon after the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers. After he was introduced to the structure, camaraderie, and training, Noah realized that the military was a perfect fit for him. During his second deployment in 2005, however, Noah was severely injured after a roadside bomb took out the Humvee that he was driving in southwest Baghdad. This traumatic explosion caused him to lose his left arm below the elbow and left leg above the knee – in addition to several other serious injuries on his whole body. After battling severe depression following his experience, it was the thought of setting an example for his three young children that kept the army solider determined to rise above his situation. Noah began teaching others about the invisible wounds of veterans – specifically calling attention to the depression that many soldiers face after going to war. Join this inspirational Alabama veteran, Noah Galloway, as he shares his story – from the first time he realized he was injured to his current mantra of living with no excuses.

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