You're going to love it.

By Caroline Rogers
August 02, 2018
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It's billed as "a crafting competition to DIY over," and having seen one episode, we're already hooked. NBC's new competition show is called Making It, and it's just the feel-good programming we've been craving.

The show is hosted by Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, a dynamic duo who last appeared together on the sitcom Parks and Recreation. They cheer the show's contestants through weekly crafting challenges and bring to the table both enthusiasm (Poehler) and a talent for woodworking (Offerman, who builds his own canoes).

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

The competition follows a group of makers, artists, and craftspeople as they attempt arts-and-crafts projects big and small. The first episode ("Meet Your Makers," which you can watch here) challenged the makers to dream up contemporary takes on family heirlooms such as quilts and family photo albums. At the end of each episode, the crafts are evaluated by judges Dayna Isom Johnson and Simon Doonan, and contestants win patches embroidered with the skills they've mastered, summer-camp style. At the end of the season, one contestant is named "Master Maker" and receives a $100,000 prize, though as Offerman says, "The real prize is a job well done."

In the first episode, Poehler sums up the ethos of the show, saying, "Life is stressful enough. Let's make a show that makes you feel good." Making It does just that. It's about creativity and expression and doing your best. It's about taking chances and dreaming big. It's full of encouragement and positivity and laughs. It's feel-good programming, and we can't get enough.

Making It premiered on July 31, and you can catch the rest of the episodes on Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC, or you can watch them online. Meet the contestants here, and follow Making It on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with the challenges and see glimpses behind the scenes.

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

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