Manners are always in style

By Melissa Locker
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When you need to know the rules of modern manners, beyond what your mama and granny taught you at the dining table, Myka Meier might be the next best choice. Meier learned the rules by training under a former member of Queen Elizabeth II’s royal household who helped hone Princess Diana’s etiquette. Now, her first book, Modern Etiquette Made Easy, sold out within just 24 hours, Town & Country reports, proving what Southerners have always known—manners are always in style.

After studying in London, Meier founded Beaumont Etiquette. She brought her classes to New York, eventually launching a finishing program at New York’s famed Plaza Hotel. There she teaches a new generation how to slant your legs like Kate Middleton, how to air kiss the right way, and where to place the handle on your coffee cup – and how to hold it properly.

Meier also taught classes on royal wedding etiquette, table manners, and dining etiquette at Downton Abbey: The Exhibition. Even staid British newspaper The Telegraph crowned Meier as the heir apparent to etiquette doyenne Emily Post. In short, she is the modern-day manners expert and can undoubtedly teach us all a few things. Her skills are clearly in demand if her book sold out so quickly!

Now, her debut book is available to help teach proper manners and confidence that comes with them. The entertaining book is filled with tips designed to help people make the best first impression, have excellent table manners, and become a desired and gracious guest. The book is an accessible and easy-to-follow guide to etiquette, whether you’re trying to teach your own child, or learn the right way to behave while socializing, dining, or navigating the business world—or simply want to pretend you’re royalty.

While knowing the correct fork to use on your salad is important, for Meier though, etiquette is much more than that. “Etiquette is all about kindness, respect, consideration, and putting others first,” she told Town & Country. “So the reason why we dress ourselves in a polished way is to show respect not only for ourselves, but to show that we put effort into our appearance because we were meeting the other person.”