The cute video already has 4.7 million views.

Walker Hayes Country Stuff_Credit_ Robert Chavers
Credit: Robert Chavers

Country singer Walker Hayes' chart-topping single "Fancy Like" has really struck a chord with its audience. With a chorus like "Yeah, we fancy like Applebee's on a date night / Got that Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake," it's hard to get this song from the Mobile, Alabama native out of our heads. The tune's sweet message that the happiest moments in life don't require pricy material goods, reminiscent of Darius Rucker's spaghetti and a cheap bottle of wine (amen!) backing in his 2009 single "Alright," make us love it all the more.

To that end, the inspiration behind the song was living and relishing the everyday things in life. "On my socials, I got a lot of people who watch me and my kids and my wife at home and they're like 'man, we also eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch' or 'We love Sonic, too.' And I think sometimes they get this impression that our life is fancier than theirs for some reason, so I guess 'Fancy Like' was my response to that, like 'nah, we're pretty normal, average Joe people'"

Hayes shared in a YouTube video on the story behind "Fancy Like." He added that he had some great writer friends help him bring the song to life. "Actually Josh Jenkins threw out the title 'Fancy' and I had always wanted to write a song with Applebee's in it and so it was the perfect storm that day." Along with Jenkins, Hayes also wrote the song with Cameron Bartolini and Shane Stevens.

Now, the catchy tune has caught our interest on TikTok with a video of Hayes and his 15-year-old daughter Lela dancing up a storm in an adorable video of the pair that has since racked up more than 4.7 million views and counting.

To follow up that video, Hayes gathered all six of his children, Lela; Chapel, 13; Baylor 11; Beckett, 9; Loxley, 7, and Everly, 5, for another groove session that warms our heart, and then an encore clip of Lela, Loxley, and Baylor.

Dancing aside, the pandemic has afforded the Hayes family time to strengthen their relationships like never before. "My kids will never forget the 400 plus days their dad stayed home. I'm a better father because of it. The bonds I have with each of them have strengthened ten fold because of our forced time together," Hayes shared with Southern Living via email. The pandemic was a challenging blessing for our house, not only for my relationship with the kids but with Laney too!"

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Needless to say, beyond the Hayes' posse dance moves, we're also impressed by this talented papa's love for his little ones. Whether you're fancy like that Oreo shake or a flask of Firefly, we're definitely loving this feel-good song and all the fancy footwork of the Hayes family.