The Avett Brothers are one of North Carolina's most successful folk-rock bands. This soulful group, which began in Concord, has garnered a steady following over the past 15 years. As the name suggests, the band is fronted by brothers Scott and Seth Avett, who, like any Southern brothers, have had their fair share of arguments. But, we were curious – what is it like to actually be in a band with a sibling? As Scott puts it: "Imagine somebody's just loving you all the time; it'd get to be quite a pain in the butt." The brothers shared with us their struggles of sometimes "being a real butt," as Scott jokes, and how they get through it, both personally and as bandmates. "The reality is, is we probably never get out of each other's way. It's very difficult for me to do anything without at least considering, 'Yeah I'm probably gonna bring Seth in on this somehow,'" said Scott. Seth compared their bickering to that of a marriage. "I don't know, it's like if you're like anybody you're really close to, or anybody you live with. If in a marriage, you're gonna fight with that person, but hopefully it's the kind of fighting that's very small and inconsequential. And you're able to talk through it or just get away from each other, and then come back stronger."

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