"Southern palates are the best palates," says singer and Alabama native Taylor Hicks. This American Idol star now tours around the country with his show State Plate on INSP, filling up a plate in each state with the best food he can find. So, it's no wonder that he – among many others – champions the South's music and food for being a 'warm blanket' of comfort. Hicks co-owns a few restaurants in his home city of Birmingham, Alabama including Saw's BBQ and Saw's Juke Joint. In case there's any doubt that this musician knows his barbecue, he's been traveling all around the South to taste-test the best Southern food. And, although he does love his home state's offerings, there's another state that he thinks has the best food in America. Can you guess which state he picked? We joined Taylor Hicks at his restaurant to chat about his journey around the country, why he values Southern culture, and why the best food in the United States comes from below the Mason-Dixon.

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