The 1998 single sure is a gem.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 26, 2021
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"You're still the one I run to / The one that I belong to / You're still the one I want for life / You're still the one that I love / The only one I dream of / You're still the one I kiss goodnight."

You're welcome for the earworm, friends. But did you ever wonder about the inspiration behind Shania Twain's Billboard chart-topper? The 1998 single is said to be about her oft-scrutinized marriage to producer and songwriter Robert John "Mutt" Lange, and how despite the public and media criticizing their union, the duo's love remained as strong as ever.

As Twain revealed in her 2012 autobiography, From This Moment On, the smash hit was a collaborative effort between the Canadian singer and Lange. "Mutt and I spent a lot of time apart as I was promoting and touring, and he was in studios working on tracks and arrangements as we wrote. It's surprising that we were able to write all this stuff with so little time together. We wrote independently and merged ideas when we joined up," Twain wrote (quote per "I remember feeling very excited about the counter line sung by Mutt as backing vocals in 'You're Still the One. As I sang the chorus melody repeatedly while working out the lyrics, he kicked in with the counter line, 'You're still the one,' and it gave me chills. All of a sudden we had a hit chorus. It was a magic moment."

While the couple ultimately divorced in 2010, Twain has called the song "one of my favorite songs I've ever written," and it remains a well-known love song to this day. Watch her performance of the tune posted in 2017 from her Las Vegas Residency below.

That white horse. That voice. Those lyrics. Be still, our hearts — now we're really looking forward to the day when we can sway to that song in person at a Shania Twain concert.