He may only be 24 years old, but North Carolina native Scotty McCreery is the epitome of a Southern gentleman in the country music business. This Garner, NC musician caught his big break in winning American Idol in 2011but his work and perseverance in the industry is what's given him hit after hit on the country charts. With his rich, deep singing voice, songs like "Five More Minutes" and "I Love You This Big" are almost instantly recognizable among fans of the genre, and, with his incredibly charming personality, it's no wonder that this country heartthrob (recently engaged – sorry, ladies!) is a crowd favorite time and time again. Scotty's not only surpassing some major milestones in his career, like winning ACM and CMT Awards; he's also meeting personal goals, like opening up for his music influences.

"You know, Garth Brooks, is a huge influence for me. [He's] a guy that I've grown up listening to my whole life, so to get the call that Garth Brooks wanted me to open for him in South Dakota was pretty awesome. I kinda freaked out a little bit, but I was really nervous before that show. I still get butterflies before a normal show that I do every night, but that one was especially nerveracking. But as soon as they introduced me, the crowd went nuts and I was like, oh all right, let's just go have fun."

The latest news from this Southern gent? He's working hard on a brand-new, very personal, record. "We've been in the studio nonstop it seems like this last month or two. It's been fun...[I've] been writing songs nonstop and, if nothing changes, as of right now, every song on the record I wrote."

We can't wait to see what's next, Scotty!

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