"As peaceful as a baby's sigh."


We have found the ultimate gift for any of your friends or family who may be expecting a new bundle of joy. Or maybe it's a gift you give yourself because there is just only so much "Baby Shark" you can handle. How about an entire album of instrumental versions of Dolly Parton hits? Lullaby Renditions of Dolly Parton will be released July 30 from Rockabye Baby. In a press release, the album is described as "trading country choruses for gentle glockenspiels, it's the perfect way to wind down the day for both you and your Little Sparrow."

As a part of CMH Label Group, Rockabye Baby has built a successful business model of taking the most popular tunes from the most popular musicians and transforming them into soothing, instrumental tunes. Everyone from Taylor Swift and Beyoncé to Tom Petty and even Nirvana have been given the Rockabye Baby treatment.

Lisa Roth founded Rockabye Baby in 2006, inspired by a fruitless search for baby shower gifts that both the newborns and parents could enjoy. Of the addition of Parton's collection to the Rockabye Baby Library, Roth told Southern Living, "Lullaby renditions of Dolly Parton is long overdue.  Everyone at Rockabye Baby is a huge fan, not just of her music, but of the person herself.  After the year we've had, it seems like the perfect time to release lullaby renditions of an extraordinary artist who is joy personified."

The team at Rockabye Baby is also creating adorable videos to go along with the album. Check out this mellowed out cover of "Jolene."

The track list for this collection of Dolly inspired greats is as follows:

Lullaby Renditions of Dolly Parton Track Listing:

1.     9 to 5

2.     Here You Come Again

3.     Jolene

4.     Little Sparrow

5.     Hard Candy Christmas

6.     Dumb Blonde

7.     The Bridge

8.     My Tennessee Mountain Home

9.     Two Doors Down

10.  The Grass is Blue

11.  Coat of Many Colors

12.  Islands in the Stream

13.  I Will Always Love You

And while Parton herself isn't singing your wee one to dreamland, the melodies are there and Dolly can even make bedtime better. As the song lyric says, "as peaceful as a baby's sigh."