"The loyalty of the fans is something that just can't be explained in country music."

Tortuga Old Dominion
Credit: Tortuga

In honor of one of our favorite festivals, Rock The Ocean's Tortuga Music Festival, we've teamed up with our favorite country artists to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what you can expect from this Ft. Lauderdale party. The festival runs April 7-9, 2017, and features headliners like Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, Chris Stapleton, Brett Eldredge, Dustin Lynch, Maren Morris, and Old Dominion.

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We sat down to chat with Old Dominion about the upcoming Tortuga festival, what's on their lineup this summer, and what they love most about country music.

What do you love most about Tortuga Music Festival?
OD: The backdrop is amazing, and the connection between us and the fans seems to be one of the strongest in any city because of our history of playing Tortuga but not really playing Tortuga.. The first time – they didn't open doors until we were on stage playing so we were performing for no one during most of the show. They apologized and booked us for the coming year to make up for it. The second year we played, a storm came right before our set. They evacuated the festival. We were the only act that didn't get to play that night. So, we went to a bar across the street to play (because we refused to come [to Ft. Lauderdale] and not play somewhere.

What are your favorite songs to perform?
Probably "Song For Another Time." It has become a hit and we close the show with it. [It is] a moment in the show that has become pretty special to us because of the way the crowd reacts to it.

What Tortuga artists are you most excited to check out at the festival?
Being on tour with Kenny Chesney all year makes us excited to see him and his crew again; they are family. [We are] also excited for everyone to see our guy, Steve Moakler, who toured with us during the fall.


What do you love most about country music?
The loyalty of the fans is something that just can't be explained in country music, and the chance to get out there and perform for them and feel their energy is the greatest feeling ever.

Who's on your summer playlist this year?
Bruno Mars, Kings of Leon, Jon Pardi

What's your favorite song to listen to at the beach?
"96 Degrees in the Shade" by Third World.