Here's the secret to the band's success.


Between playing countless shows, receiving prestigious awards, and producing the first-ever music video, the Oak Ridge Boys have always found a way to stay relevant in the country music industry. As the band explains it, the music world tends to go in cycles, and the secret to the Oak Ridge Boys' success can be summed up quite simply – fresh, new music. The singer-songwriters have always strived to stay ahead of the country music curve to produce tunes that excite old fans and new listeners alike.

How did the Oak Ridge Boys manage to create the original music video of the country music world you may ask? It's all thanks to a song titled Easy that wasn't even released in the Untied States. It was, however, played in Australia! When asked to play the tune on the continent, the band couldn't fit it in their busy schedule, so they took a video of themselves singing and – just like that – the first music video was born.

The Oak Ridge Boys' newest project, 17th Avenue Revival, is taking them back to their roots. It is built on songs that the band grew up singing as kids, like, "I'd Rather Have Jesus," so the music is sure to make people feel nostalgic. The album is going to be available on cassette tape, 8-track, vinyl, CD, digitally, and – most impressively – on Edison cylinder.