NEEDTOBREATHE's Josh Lovelace's children's album, Young Folk, featuring musical legends Sharon and Bram, is out just in time for holiday shopping.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
November 17, 2017
Josh Lovelace

The holidays often mean piling the kids into the car and heading off on a long journey to visit family. Over the river and through the woods we go. We've all been there. Long car rides can be really tough with little kids and keeping them entertained is the key to sanity for the whole family.

Enter Young Folk, the debut solo album for NEEDTOBREATHE's Josh Lovelace.

The father of two young children himself, Lovelace didn't intend to make his first solo album for kids, but rather, it just sort of happened.

"I started writing songs for my kids, just to relate to them. The songs were very specific to them and to my relationship with them," Lovelace told us.

He soon realized that he maybe had something special that others would enjoy and he'd complied enough for an album. Although a children's album wasn't really something he'd planned. But as he was writing music to sing to Henry, age 4 and Margo, age 1, he realized it was "a natural first step in a different musical direction."

But don't worry, NEEDTOBREATHE fans, Lovelace isn't going anywhere. He's just stretching his musical legs. And it really worked. We promise, this will be one album you won't mind playing on repeat all the way to grandma's house.

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Josh Lovelace and Friends Present: Young Folk, available now on Amazon, isn't just about songs for his kids; it's a true family affair.

"My son sings on the record, a song called Henry My Son. He was awesome. He's used to being in Daddy's office, which is a studio in our basement.

He continued, "I set up a microphone for him and he sang it. And he messed up the lyrics and it was such a perfect mistake so I had to leave it. So the track that you hear is actually a wrong lyric. He sings the whole chorus and then I come in and I sing it correctly."

Although she's just barely a year old, Lovelace's daughter Margo can be heard on several tracks as well either laughing or cooing along.

"The cool thing about this record is that most of it was done with my kids either sitting on my lap while I'm playing piano or they're in the room and I'm asking them to be quiet for thirty seconds why I do a background vocal," he said.

"It really is a family record. My wife sings on it, I have cousins that sing on it. It's from our house to everyone else's."

Each song on the album is cleverly composed and the love he put into each one is so obvious. It feels both like a peek behind the curtain into Lovelace's home and that each song could universally apply to words any parent would write for their own children. You're My Very Best Friend, was written specifically for daughter Margo but the lesson is one we should all teach to our kids.

"Just thinking about the world and where we're at, I want her to be a good friend to her friends and also to have good friends. It's a super silly song but at the heart of it and at the heart of the whole record is, its ok to be silly, it's ok to have fun, it's ok to make jokes and laugh and sing." You can watch the music video for this song below.

Another fun track from the album is Messy Bessy, and the inspiration for that song came from just a normal, every day experience.

"Messy Bessy is a nickname that my sister gave to my son. He was always into everything as kids are. And my sister just said, "You're just a messy Bessie." And in classic songwriter form I just ran out of the room with my voice memo and a guitar and tried to capture that {moment.}"

In addition to Henry, Margo, some cousins and his wife Whitney, Lovelace has other special guests joining him on this fun nostalgic yet fresh take on children's tunes. These guests include Ben Rector on A Bear in the Woods, Ellie Holcomb on More Time With You and for Sing A Song For Me, Lovelace called on two very special guests; children's music legends, Sharon and Bram. Long beloved by children in America as well as Canada for their music and their television show, The Elephant Show, Sharon and Bram, the two surviving cast members, are Lovelace's living heroes and have become mentors for him and dear friends to him.

"Sharon, Lois and Bram were a big part of my upbringing; my childhood. They were definitely a big part of the reason why I decided to go into music early on. I just saw them, saw how they did it and that inspired me. I was inspired to inspire others. To have them sing on the record was a very full circle moment for me."

In the clip below you can catch a glimpse behind the scenes of this very special recording session. Lovelace tells Sharon and Bram that he aspires to be for children what they were for him.

"There are some great artists out there in the children's world that are doing it really well and I just wanted to be a part of that."

We think he has accomplished that mission. Grab your copy today. The whole family will love it!