An unlikely pairing led to quite the beautiful song.

By Perri Ormont Blumberg
April 23, 2021

Kenny Rogers. There's no one quite like Kenny Rogers. What an amazing country music artist the Houston native was. Little did we know, one of our favorite songs by The Gambler actually made its way into his hands courtesy of Prince. Yes, that Prince — the pop icon.

Kenny Rogers Plays Atlanta
Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Rogers' 1986 tune, "You're My Love," off of his album They Don't Make Them Like They Used To was penned by Prince under the pseudonym of Joey Coco. In a 2016 Facebook Post on his fan page, Rogers explains the backstory behind the song: "I never had the privilege of knowing Prince, but I always wanted to. Back in the '80's, I had contacted him through a mutual friend to ask if he would write me a song...and he did ('You're My Love' from the album THEY DON'T MAKE THEM LIKE THEY USED TO). When he sent the song to me, if I remember right, it was him playing all of the instruments on it and he had his background vocals on it," the post begins. "Unfortunately on the finished record, somehow my producer didn't end up using the music or vocals (the song was re-cut). It was such an incredible thing that Prince took the time to do that for me. He was a brilliant guy and a gifted musician with a lot of feelings, and you could tell his feelings went far deeper than what was written on his face."

"You wanna know if I care for you / You ought to know by now / How can you stand there just pretending / And you know how I feel /," Rogers croons in the opening lines. With simple lyrics and a distinct pop music styling, it's definitely a catchy ditty. "'Cause baby, you're my love / And I love everything you do to me / You're my love / And I love when you're around / You're my love / And I've never let you down," the song continues, solidifying itself as our latest resident earworm. Listen to the full song below.

We hope Rogers and Prince are duetting on this soul-soothing song in heaven. We know we'll be playing this special tune all day long.