One of the South's most soulful voices teaches us a timeless lesson in gratitude.

By Meghan Overdeep
November 14, 2017
Credit: Beth Gwinn / Contributor/Getty Images

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and all the gluttony and consumerism associated with it, now is the time to hit the pause button. We're taking some time out to remember all we have to be thankful for this year with some help from the Man in Black.

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In a recently uncovered performance featuring a rare song called "I Thank You," Johnny Cash offers a humble reminder of the principles the holiday is built upon with a story of a poor farmer and his Thanksgiving prayer. Even though the farmer doesn't even have a turkey for the table, he's thankful for the warm sun and his loving family. It's a prayer we should all take to heart, and it goes like this:

"Dear Lord we thank you the sun was warm today. Thank you for the singing of the birds and the laughing of the children as they played. And thank you for that neighbor of mine who fixed my plow. Thank you for that old plow horse. Sure could use a cow.

Thank you for the muscle—I can stand the ache. Just let me have your blessing on all we undertake.

And thank you for this country, too. We've troubles now, and pain. But with your help, Lord, we'll get back to where the road is smooth again."

Thanks for all the love we've got and the strength to work my land, for there's nothing Lord that I can't do, if you lend a helping hand. Thank you for my good wife, Lord, and the children that I've got. They love me for the things that I am, and they forget the things I'm not. And if somebody's down and out Lord, and they're praying you will heed, just send ‘em over to see me Lord, I've got more than I need."

Thank you, Johnny.