For Miss Laura, it was worth the wait.

By Rebecca Angel Baer
garth brooks serenades 89 year old woman
Garth Brooks responded to a 89 year old concert-goer in a big way.
| Credit: C Flanigan / Contributor/Getty Images

Ask anyone who knows country music and they will tell you that Garth Brooks is where he is today, in part, because of his attention and dedication to his legions of fans. Garth connects with as many of his fans as he can every time he takes the stage. That was certainly true on Saturday night in the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana. As reported by Jude Walker of Lafayette's 97.3 The Dawg, Garth made it a point on this tour to take requests from fans based on the signs they brought into the arena with them.

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On July 1st, it was a sign from 89-year-old, Miss Laura, which caught his attention. Her sign read, "Elvis was my last concert." Elvis Presley died forty years ago next month. She has waited an awfully long time for just the right show. We think it's safe to say, she picked a great one! When Garth saw Miss Laura and her sign pop up on the jumbo-tron above the stage, he knew he ought to pay her special attention. He hopped off the stage and walked right up in front of the octogenarian to speak with her. After a brief chat, Garth decided to serenade her with "If Tomorrow Never Comes," and as he sang, he even admitted, "Oh y'all I'm gonna start crying." Us too, Garth. Us too.

Grab your tissues and watch the whole video here