"Here's my advice: The show must go on."

Jason Kempin/ Getty Images

The mass shooting this past Sunday, October 1st, in Las Vegas seems all but unconscionable. Above all, country music has always urged listeners to choose love, even when—especially when—you're heartbroken.

Unimaginably, as 22,000 country fans gathered to celebrate on Sunday evening, a rainfire of bullets erupted, leaving at least 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded. As we struggle to understand the horrific shooting and mourn those who lost their lives, many country music stars have taken to social media to share their thoughts. None, perhaps, have been quite as poignant as the legendary Garth Brooks.

On Monday, Brooks streamed a heartfelt video on Facebook Live, sharing a message we won't soon forget. After a brief intro and expressing gratitude for the selfless fans who helped one another and first responders, Brooks shared a touching story.

"My favorite movie of all-time, there's a line in that movie. That movie's called ‘Starman,'" he begins. "This one guy is risking his job, his life, everything for this space alien. So finally toward the end of the movie they get this one moment alone. The good guy asks the space alien, ‘What have you learned about us as a human race?'"

Visibly moved, Brooks continues with a shaky voice, "Greatest line ever. [The space alien] says, ‘When things are at their worst, you are at your best.'"

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Wrapping up, Brooks encourages all music fans to go out and continue to support live acts. "Here's my advice: The show must go on…When things go bad, doctors go to work. When things go bad, policemen go to work. When things go bad, music and musicians go to work." Ultimately, it's a symbiotic relationship. As we uplift musicians, they uplift us. Even when—especially when—you're heartbroken.

Watch Brooks' entire message and his moving performance of "The Change" below.

To help support those affected by the tragedy, a Las Vegas Victims' Fund has been established on GoFundMe here.