*Southern swoon.*
Florida Georgia Line The 52nd Annual CMA Awards - Show

Did you hear the new "Orange Peach" single?

If you think that has a nice ring to it, you'd perhaps be onto something, as the now famous country music duo are said to have brainstormed that name as an early suggestion for their group's title, as CMT.com recently reported. With one half of the duo, Tyler Hubbard, hailing from Monroe, Georgia, and his co-pilot Brian Kelly, of Ormond Beach, Florida, the moniker is a playful riff on the famed fruits of each of their home states — and a pretty sweet name if you ask us. Alas, it never stuck and the would be "OP" is now Florida Georgia Line, or FGL.

But how did this alternate name almost go down? Back in 2014, Kelley spoke with Parade.com about the origins of the group's name. "I can't remember… something peach and then an orange, we were thinking states and, you know it was probably 2:30 or 3 in the morning, we were all at the house and we'd been playing writers rounds and were like, 'well, if we're going to be a duo, we're going to take this thing seriously, we need a name,'" Kelley recalled. Ultimately, however, they went in a different direction and settled on the name they're known by today, Florida Georgia Line: "We had to stop showing up as Brian and Tyler, we needed a name, so we put our heads together and said 'I want to represent where I'm from and you want to represent where you're from.' Two states got thrown out and then the 'Line' and it kind of stuck, it never felt like we should change it."

As Southerners, we must admit the Orange Peach name definitely makes us smile. Perhaps we'll adopt that name as their unofficial one. Though these days, we may be using the artists' individual names more often as they recently announced that they're each pursuing solo music projects, per Billboard.com, though they'll continue to work together as a group. Recently, Hubbard also teamed up with country star Tim McGraw on the duet "Undivided," which was performed at Celebrating America, a special celebrating President Joe Biden's inauguration.

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Well folks, we're off to spin Orange Peach's, ahem, Florida Georgia Line's Anything Goes. It's safe to say we'll never look at an orange and a peach in our fruit bowls the same way.