Exclusive: Dolly Parton Shares Video Explaining Her New Song, "Blue Bonnet Breeze"

Get the album Run, Rose, Run March 4 and the book March 7.

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Photo: Stacie Huckeba // Courtesy of Butterfly Records

Dolly Parton may have just turned 76, but she seems to be busier than ever. She was just named in 2022 class of nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, announced as host of this year's ACM Awards, and as we previously reported, she's written a novel with acclaimed author James Patterson. Parton didn't just leave it all on the page for Run, Rose, Run; she's also releasing an album of the same name. You can already pre-order the book here and pre-save the album here.

Stacie Huckeba // Courtesy of Butterfly Records)

Well today, our Queen of Country Music is gifting us with the latest single from the upcoming "Blue Bonnet Breeze." But not only that, exclusively for Southern Living readers, she's sharing the story behind this tune.

Parton tells us in the video that the characters in this song do not appear in the book at all. But she explains a part of Run, Rose, Run that inspired her to create this song. Her two main characters, RuthAnna and AnnieLee, are both songwriters and she shares a moment that occurs in the book between them.

"So one day she started to write a song and AnnieLee came in and she said, 'Hey what's this?' and, 'Oh that was just a little song I was starting but I have no idea where I'm going with it.' And she said 'Well, maybe someday you can write it with me.'"

Parton goes on to say that this made her think, "Well, if they are going to write a song in our story, what would they write it?"

She goes on to explain that she created a story of forbidden love. "So it's a real Romeo and Juliet kind of story. Very slow, very emotional. And it's one of my very favorites."

Then she gives us a possible hint of something more to come. "I think it could be a movie of its own, sometime down the road."

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Well okay, Dolly. Keep on creating. We can't wait! Get the album Run, Rose, Run March 4 and the book March 7.

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