It stars his wife and it's set in Iceland.

Dierks Bentley
Dierks Bentley performs at the 10th anniversary "Miles & Music" concert on November 1, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee.
| Credit: John Shearer / Getty Images

The music video for Dierks Bentley's "Black" is here, and to say that it's a visual tour de force would be a vast understatement.

Shot outside of Reykjavík, Iceland by Wes Edwards—who has directed a number of Bentley's videos—"Black" features stunning panoramas filmed over the course of four days of round-the-clock shooting on the remote island. Cassidy, Bentley's wife of 11 years, co-stars in the video, and remains just out of reach as her real-life husband follows her across the endless countryside.

"I've shot like 25 or 26 videos," Bentley told Entertainment Weekly, "and this is definitely the one that will be the most meaningful to me."

From the start, Bentley was determined that the video for "Black" (which is off his album of the same name) be his best to date. Well, mission accomplished: it's easily the most cinematic of the crooner's music videos. But getting all those majestic shots wasn't easy. Edwards revealed to Entertainment Weekly that they had to contend with a monster storm, gusting winds and below-freezing temperatures throughout the whole shoot. But, Bentley says, it was worth it: "These days, I won't do anything unless I think it's really beneficial, not with kids and my wife back at home."

Weather and geography aside, it turns out that the location wasn't even the craziest thing about the project. "The most ambitious part of the whole deal was convincing my wife to be in the video," says Bentley. "The fact that she was in the video, that's a story in-and-of itself."

Black is a concept record based on the experiences and perspective of his relationship with Cassidy (whose maiden name also happens to be Black). So one would think her inclusion in the project was a given. Well, not exactly. Cassidy is more than a little camera shy. However, when Bentley and the crew couldn't find the right woman for the video, she ultimately agreed. "We've been married for 11 years and have three kids," she explains. "It's really nice that he wants me to be in it. It's lovely."

Lovely is right! Watch the video below: