Darius Rucker's Gospel-Inspired Chapel Hart Collaboration, "Ol' Church Hymn," Is Here

“I’m so thankful they said yes to singing on it with me, and I can’t wait to see the huge career they’re going to have.”

Americas Got Talent Chapel Hart Darius Rucker
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Darius Rucker's highly anticipated Chapel Hart collaboration is finally here!

Today the Grammy winner released "Ol' Church Hymn," a gospel-inspired love song featuring the Mississippi trio.

The new single comes on the heels of another collaboration between Rucker and the group, who joined forces for a performance of Bonnie Raitt's "Something to Talk About" during the season finale of America's Got Talent earlier this month.

Chapel Hart shot to fame after their Dolly Parton- inspired "You Can Have Him, Jolene" performance earned them a Golden Buzzer on their AGT debut back in July.

"Like so many people, I was blown away when I saw Chapel Hart's original response to 'Jolene,'" Rucker said in a news release. "I was recording 'Ol' Church Hymn' at the time and instantly had this vision of it becoming a duet once I heard their voices. I'm so thankful they said yes to singing on it with me, and I can't wait to see the huge career they're going to have."

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Written by Rucker together with Ben Hayslip, Josh Miller, and Greylan James, the redemptive love song features the three-part harmony of Chapel Hart to "profess a born-again love."

The new collaboration will be featured on Rucker's forthcoming album—his first solo project since 2017's critically acclaimed When Was the Last Time.

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