While he's known around the South for songs like "International Harvester" and "This Ole Boy," Tennessean Craig Morgan had a very important job before turning to the music. The country singer spent nearly 11 years in the United States Army, a duty that, as he describes, thoroughly shaped who he is. "Everything that I learned in my military career, I carry forward: the discipline, the respect, the gratitude, the esprit de corps, and the friendship. There's a shared camaraderie that takes place in the military unlike any other corporation or organization in the world." In addition to his multiple USO tours, Craig has been vocal in helping out his fellow veterans, and spent 2017 on his American Stories Tour in support of Operation Finally Home. "When we can do something here at home that helps relieve that stress, or take away some of that pressure from that individual so that he can focus on living and supporting his family, it changes lives, and not just him and his family's lives, it changes the lives of the people around them. It gives them an opportunity to go out and change lives."

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